Blooming Arborists and Empty Nests

As much as someone can wax lyrical all they like about how much they know about interviews, at the end of the day none of that really matters when you can’t track someone down to interview.

Last week I called up the Auckland City Council in an attempt to contact the Auckland City Council Arborist. As it turns out, there is more than one of them. This would be fantastic as I needed to talk to someone about the origin and nature of the cherry blossom trees that line my road, however both were unreachable by phone so I was given their email addresses and names by the council worker. I sent out polite, professional and inquisitive emails to the arborists, and received a reply from one within the day, the other is still yet to reply. The one who did knew nothing about the trees lining my road but referred me to a heritage arborist who would. I sent out another email, and am still awaiting a reply.

Though we were given a lecture on tracking people down online last week, my sleuthing skills could only dig up old reports on consents to cut trees down, and not any phone numbers that could lead me to my absent arborists.

As it stands, my current story lacks key information and vital media from when the trees were in full bloom and eco-tourists were out and about making a nuisance of themselves all over the street. It may be time to jump this leaky ship of a story before the deadline sinks my chances at a decent mark for this assignment.

Thankfully, I have just made contact with a local bird enthusiast who lives one road down from me. She has gotten ahold of an egg incubator and is on a mission to save local bird nests from cold and lonely deaths in addition to her care of sick birds she finds and is given. This human interest community hero may just be my saving grace.


2 thoughts on “Blooming Arborists and Empty Nests

  1. This sounds about right when working with the council … however, sometimes you get lucky and have someone say “Can you come to my office? I can show you everything you want, and you can use our photocopier to take copies of all of my files”. That’s what happened to me once, and scored me an A assignment and a journal article ❤


  2. Ugh! Government officials and their preciousness! Keep trying, hopefully they will help you out. I am interested in seeing photo updates from egg incubator though.


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